A man known most for talking a little messy, and for doing so in a aggressive manner against former co-analyst Mark May, legendary football coach Lou Holtz is no stranger to confrontation. Well after his comments from the Republican National Convention, he may be in the middle of a new and different type of confrontation.

It is being widely quoted, and specifically from “The Daily Beast” that Holtz said of immigrants, that he doesn’t “want to celebrate your holidays” and that he “sure as hell” doesn’t “want to cheer for your soccer team”. I am not sure who “your” is, but he seems to be taking aim at them throughout his appearance at this week’s RNC. Holtz’s thoughts are further illustrated in this interview he granted to “Fox News”.

Thoughts anyone?

Perhaps Holtz is just a man of his convictions and will die supporting what he believes in. Perhaps he is simply personifying those things that were taught to him as a child by his parents. Perhaps he is a man who is a product of his flawed beliefs? Holtz could even be a man that is representative of the A-typical Trump supporter, who knows? It may all be a result of what he came to the Republican’s party with…….

O ok, he must be drunk. Either way, he seems to be delivering it the same way that the Crown Royal he is holding is best served, straight…no chaser.




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