Calm, cool, and collected is a familiar cliché, and one that could be said to embody exactly who Duke Blue Devil’s head Coach Mike Krzyzewski is. So much so, and even though he has done so for years, people still stare in awe when the decorated head basketball coach goes on a tirade along the sidelines during a game. His demeanor and presence lends itself towards one particular question though. If Coach K says a curse word and no one is there to hear it, did he really say it? I don’t know, but thankful to modern age technology, and being mic’d up we don’t have to worry about answering that question.

Coach K seems to be at ease and in his comfort zone around the U.S.A. Basketball team and coaches. This was very apparent today as Kyrie Irving appeared to be hassling, or frying as the kiddies call it, his former head coach. In response to Irving’s antics, Coach K pitched a fastball his way.

Coach K response to kyrie's joke tho ??? #usabasketball #kyrie #coachk #fuckyou #micdup #practice #hoops

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Good one! Nothing special, but the delivery and timing were impeccable. 10’s all around for Coach K’s clapback game. This was nothing short of a gift to the public, allowing us to see the coach with his guard down, but Kyrie Irving will also know much better the next time.