Personally, I have never particularly been a LeBron James fan. When he went to Miami, I wanted him to be a Knick. So did every other Knick fan on the planet. He didn’t choose the Knicks, and naturally, I hated on him. I’ve gotten over it. I’ve accepted him as a physical specimen, and I’ve admired it. I still want him to be a Knick. That’s why I’m rooting for the Cavs to come back.

Some things about LeBron’s stay in Cleveland have been curious. He signed a short contract with opt-out opportunities. Why not commit to Cleveland? Why leave the door open to leave?

Starting at 30 seconds you see this conversation with Dwyane Wade. He’s talking about reuniting again. That’s the reason why he left the door open. He wants to unite with his buddies (Chris Paul, Melo, and Wade) for another championship run, probably before Wade really can’t play anymore.

There are a few locations this can happen. Miami. Los Angeles. And New York.

I don’t know the details of the Knicks cap situation, but I do know that they’re going to have space. I also know that LeBron is a business man. So is James Dolan. That’s why Melo sticks around in New York. They’re all about their brand. Why is it crazy to think that LeBron, after winning a series that looks OVER, for his hometown, that he would leave peacefully? All is forgiven in Cleveland. He gets to finish out his career making, potentially, billions of dollars while working with the worst owner but best business man in the NBA.

And who doesn’t want to see LeBron in a Knick uniform?