The news of Tim Duncan’s retirement after 19 years in the NBA came down the pipe on Monday. Duncan is arguable the greatest power forward to ever play the game and he did it without all the flash. He wasn’t loud and he wasn’t gaudy…all he did was win. I can appreciate someone who is great at their profession and doesn’t have to be the center of attention, someone who shuts their mouth and does their job…extremely well. Duncan is the poster boy for humility.

Duncan told longtime friend Rashidi Clenance that he simply, “started not enjoying myself as much. It wasn’t fun as much. When it’s not fun anymore, I’m done.”

Tim’s farewell letter to fans was simple and effective, just like he was as a player. Short and to the point, in only 139 words.

CnRGs9CVIAEuWGpDuncan’s teammates took to Twitter to show love to their beloved big man…

and I found this tweet pretty funny because its probably 90% true.

Just because they are amazing I want to run down Duncan’s NBA accomplishments…5-time NBA champion in three different decades, 2-time NBA MVP, 3-time NBA Finals MVP, 15-time NBA All-Star, Rookie of the Year and the only player to be selected to the All-NBA or All-NBA Defensive team in each one of his first 13 seasons. A Hall of Fame career that will never be duplicated.

When I was growing up in the late 90’s and early 2000’s no one playing ball in the park ever pretended to be Tim Duncan. I guess he wasn’t exciting enough. But if you were a big man coming up in high school or AAU basketball, and especially college, Tim Duncan was the perfect example of someone to model your game after.

Greg Popovich, Duncan’s coach for his entire NBA career, was emotional when speaking about Duncan to media. “He’s irreplaceable,” Popovich said. “I can be on him in a game and ask him why he’s not rebounding in a relatively stern way and really get on him in front of everybody,” Popovich continued. “And on his way back to the court, he’ll say, ‘Thanks for the motivation, Pop. Thanks for the support, Pop.’ Then he’ll turn away with his eyes up in the air and we’ll both start laughing. And people don’t see those things. But his teammates have and that’s why his teammates love him.”

Like I have said before Tim Duncan is someone that you can look to for inspiration and for the positive reinforcement that if you keep your head down and bust your ass you can be great at whatever it is you want to be great at.

I have to throw in one little piece of history where I believe Tim Duncan was flashy and fly as hell…, remember those Foamposite Nike’s from back in the day, come on, you remember. Those Tim Duncan’s were hard!, were they not?

nike-total-air-foamposite-max-silver-tim-duncan-shoes-2I leave you with the top 10 plays of Tim Duncan’s career, and in typical Tim Duncan fashion, there is nothing flashy here, just a man putting in work on the basketball court.