In an off season that has seen just about everything happen that possibly could, nothing seems shocking at this point. These events range from defensive backs getting shot…or shooting themselves depending on which notion you prescribe, to numerous players entering or being pushed to enter treatment facilities for substance abuse disorders, this has surely been one of the more awkward off seasons in a few. 

Well, the pot continues to stir as the strange meter continues to rise. After a reported deal between offensive lineman Jake Long and the Baltimore Ravens, there are now rumors and reports, that the lineman’s deal has been voided due to injury concerns. This isn’t that strange of an occurrence in itself, as we have seen this type of thing happen before in most other sports. Hisashi Iwakuma, a pitcher for the Mariners returned to Seattle last year after working out a deal with the Dodgers, but failing the physical. The same situation was the case when just this past NBA season the Houston Rockets attempted to move forward Donatas Motiejūnas. The trade involving the big man was voided by the Detroit Pistons after Motiejūnas could not past the teams physical. 


What is strange about this situation however is the fact that Long not only passed an exit physical last year before the off season started, but he was also cleared or passed within the last week by Dr. James Andrews, world renown and NFL injury expert. The specific details are still unclear, but the basis of them is that Long would not sign a waiver due to his injury history, and this caused the organization to back off. Who knows where Long will end up now, but with the lack of talent available, the teams in need of a veteran offensive lineman, and Long’s resume, he should find a new home before long. No pun intended.