HAHAHAHA this might be on a 50 cent level. It’s kind of surprising too, because apparently snoop played football growing up so you’d figure he had some type of hand eye coordination. Yeah yeah yeah, he was high but, come on man. Half my friends used to be blitzed as shit to play sports, but my man cant even make one throw? pshhh.

The announcers just made this video so much better. I’ve only had the displeasure of having to listen to the Padres announcer’s call a game once and I was ready to run my car into on coming traffic. He sounds like a mix between Captain Kirk and every white guy impersonation every black comedian has ever done. Back to Snoop, the problem isn’t just where the ball ended up, wtf is that limp-wristed, Mary Poppins, soft as carvel wind up from. All I can think in his is it sounds like a little girl counting out dance steps she just learned “1 2, 3 4, and throw.”

Hate talking shit about a legend but he don goofed. Next time you get asked to throw a ball just say no thanks, hit a fat blunt and bang some bad broads and call it day. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.