Shaq diesel just continues to dominate life. Not only is he one of the biggest men on the planet both figuratively and literally, but he genuinely seems like one of the coolest guys around. Kazaam is a classic and I’ll fight you if you say otherwise, WE GENIES!! Besides the shitty movies and sub-par songs you can make an argument he’s the best big man of all time (never said he is but it’s debatable). He seems to dominate just as well of the court though. From getting his PHD to becoming an analyst and just an all around lovable goofball he just keeps crushing the game.

With that being said this skit is ridiculous on all levels. You couldn’t get a more noticeable guy then this man to try and blend in as a Lyft driver. Usually these skits are funny because they can kind of blend in, but this one just went off the rails. The producers must of just decided lets see how ridiculous we can dress Shaq up and competed with each other with who could come up with the dumbest outfit. Might as well as put him in a giant banana and have him do the peanut butter jelly dance with some maracas.


Keep doing you ‘The big Shaq-tus.’ Kids learn from this large man, just enjoy life and laugh at your mistakes. Side note – does anyone remember the show Shaq Vs. What a great show they should really bring that back?