Living in New York and being a Giant fan, I got very sick of Rex Ryan. I know all about him. He’s does these antics to get people talking, but his teams just are never good enough (talent wise) to back him up. This is one of those antics, but here, I don’t think he’s crazy.

Do I think LeBron would leave the NBA for the NFL after the season ends? Absolutely not. But can you imagine? I wasn’t around when Michael Jordan left the NBA to try to play baseball, but I imagine this would have to be bigger, right? Not that LeBron is bigger than Jordan, but the NFL is such a different sport. The chances of LeBron getting an awful injury would be much higher than in baseball, and football is more physically demanding.

In a slow time of the sports year, this opens up some pretty interesting conversation. I hold firm that LeBron James is the best athlete I have ever seen in my life. I think he would have a lot of trouble trying to play baseball, but other sports, ones that you can get by with sheer athleticism, he could be successful. Put him on the soccer field (pitch, whatever), he would figure it out and be incredibly good. Strap a helmet and pads on him, that 6’8″, 200 something pound frame could play tight end.

Maybe the Giants could use him.