As heavily publicized over the last few days, Dallas Cowboys linebacker Rolando McClain will probably be suspended for a very long time, with the chance being there that he never suits up again in the NFL. This could come a no worst time for those down in Big D as the organization has experienced a rash of suspensions and setbacks over the past few weeks. The suspensions of defensive lineman Demarcus Lawrence and Randy Gregory are two of the more important setbacks that occurred, but they are just a few in the grand scheme of things and especially after you add in McClain’s offense.

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Although a lot of the suspensions handed out in the league and in the Cowboys locker room this off-season are marijuana based and related, McClain’s suspension is said to originate from another recreational substance. LeanSizzurp, Slow-mo, and as ESPN calls it, that “Purple Drank” are what McClain is said to have been abusing. This isn’t the first time that an NFL player has had a problem with the drank, as former number one pick JaMarcus Russell is said to also have struggled with the drug once upon a time.


This is definitely a setback on a personal level for McClain as he was seeming to get things on the right track, life and career wise, after his first few years in the league proved to be lack luster and disappointing. It is also a setback for a Dallas Cowboys team that has high hopes for the season and can use all hands on deck as they get back players from injury like Tony Romo, and more so as they aren’t exactly DEEP along the defensive front. As far as this season goes, it looks like a lost cause for McClain. One has to hope however,  that he can straighten things out, both with his life and possibly then with his career.

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