Over the last couple of days, there have been reports trickling in about Randy Gregory, an upcoming second year guy whom the Cowboys took a chance on last year after he fell in the draft due to character concerns. The reports however, suggest that those concerns may just have thrust themselves back into the forefront of the conversation when it comes to Randy Gregory.

It has been reported that not only is Gregory not expected at Dallas Cowboys’ training camp when it opens, but that he will actually be in a treatment facility, for which he has reportedly already entered. This all comes after Gregory has reportedly failed another recent drug test.

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This comes after a season that not only saw Gregory show some of the promise that helped him to initially garner those early round grades in the NFL Draft process, but also showed enough that the club was comfortable letting troubled Defensive Lineman Greg Hardy walk, who still seems to be having trouble finding a team. It also comes as the Cowboys lack the essential depth along the defensive front, and are expected to be without some other’s up front as well, either due to injury or other circumstances.

But wait…..there’s more!!!! There have been reports also that Gregory could not only miss time, but that there is a real concern that he may never play again…ever. This is the long view of things as the most current reports state that the NFL has discretion over this particular situation. They have the ability to dictate whether Gregory will serve a 10 or 14 game suspension….yeesh.


There is work to be done, with Gregory, with the Cowboy’s defensive front, and even with the team as a whole. This is the case mostly because Gregory seems to need help, and in the process is blowing a prime opportunity in his life. This also is the case because with the way things look now, the Boy’s are going to have to outscore people to win, as they won’t be able to generate enough pressure on a regular bases to keep other teams from moving the ball. Cowboy nation certainly hopes not, but it could be the case.