The Nats -110 are the play here guys. I hate to say it, but my guy Matt Harvey has been lit up by the Nats all year. They are his daddy right now.

This kid the Nats are bringing up to start, Giolito, is going to be a bonafide stud. I don’t see the Mets putrid offense being able to scratch some runs off of him during their first look at him. I think the Mets will eventually get their shit together and win the division (or at least the wild card, and I’ll take my chances with Noah on the hill in a one game playoff) but tonight’s game I feel they are set up to get the train ran on them.

Expect a big game out of Murphy who has ripped the Mets all year and I like Giolito to dominate for 5-6 innings. I think Nats offense will score so the bullpen won’t have too much stress. I hope I’m wrong as a fan but as a bettor and someone who likes money I have to take the Nats here and I recommend you do as well.

Nats roll 6-2.