So apparently a huge Cavaliers fan and known Redditor (I didn’t know that was a thing) PARTYxDIRTYDAN bet the house, AKA a nice white Hanes undershirt in his stomach, that the Warriors would lose game 7 of the Western Conference Finals. Poor bastard; don’t ever bet against an MVP. I guess…right? Well it sounded good in my head.

I guess now in the social media age you can’t run from any of the dumb shit you might put out into the world for consumption. You know…dick pics, rants about your boss, a racist Halloween costume…but I digress. Whatever happened to the good ol’ ill shave my head, or the gentleman’s bet for a hard 20. I guess not, right.

Despite obviously being a whiny millennial (I too happen to be a whiny millennial) the man stuck to his word and followed through with the bet. I was expecting him to eat the whole shirt but I’ll accept the few bites that he took. Let’s hope his appendix doesn’t burst.

Shout out to the Sweet Baby Rays barbecue sauce that he dipped the pieces of the shirt into  before he ate it. My favorite barbecue sauce!; and with that I expect Sweet Baby Ray’s to cut a check, make it out to Triple T.