Hey David,

You came up to the bigs giving Met fans hope. The Mets had sucked, big time. In the time you’ve been here, they’ve acquired good (Carlos Beltran, Pedro Martinez, Carlos Delgado, Yoenis Cespedes), and they’ve acquired bad (Jason Bay, Oliver Perez, K-Rod, Frank Fransisco). You’ve never wavered. You’ve never threatened to leave. I’m not even sure that you thought about it.

When spinal stenosis hit, we were worried your career was going to be over. Apparently it does that, but you came back. In your first at bat back, you hit a freakin’ homer.

You were never the same after Matt Cain hit you in the head. We loved you anyway, though. You are our captain, you work hard, and you’ve been here when everything sucked.

It’s time to win one.

Your body is failing you, that sucks. Honestly, I’m not even sure you’ll play again beyond this year. How could you? The grind of a 162 game season might be too much for your back, neck, and shoulder.

I have faith in Sandy Alderson. After the past year, how could you not? But Jesus Christ, if he finds a way to blow this…

If he doesn’t make a move to acquire an replacement at first (and/or third) base, he’s done. If he doesn’t add depth like he did last year with Kelly Johnson and Juan Uribe, he’s done. I’ll never forgive him.

Now take your rest for a few weeks. Honestly, sit out a few months. It doesn’t bother me. But the Mets want you back for a playoff run. One of the most electric moments of last year was your late game RBI single in Game One of the NLDS. We need more of that. We need more fist pumps after scoring from first base on Labor Day. We need David Wright late in the year.

Sandy has to make that happen.


Met fans everywhere