I hate to say I told you so but….. HAHAHA.  For some of you who know me personally, I’ve never been an RGIII fan.  I could just tell that he wasn’t going to be a successful NFL QB.  For those of you who don’t know me… This rant is for you.

When RG entered the league out of Baylor he actually  put up some awesome numbers.  3,200 yds for the season and over 800 rushing yards.  The guy is a one trick pony though.  With out his ability to extend plays and expand the pocket, he’s worse than average and borderline embarrassing.

When it comes to playing quarterback it comes down to 2 things to be effective in the NFL.  Obviously there are other factors that go in to making a great quarterback but 2 factors really stick out to me.  Those 2 factors are “Poise” and “Intelligence”.  Unfortunately, RGIII has neither.  I’m not saying RGIII is a stupid guy because he isn’t but, he doesn’t seem to have the football mind like the other elite QBs.  Example, Russell Wilson and even Ryan Tannehill know when to slide and when the hit is worth it (Tannehill has been a stud the past few weeks by the way).  But my point is it is not college and some guys can’t adapt.  That extra half a yard is less important than your health and some guys just don’t understand.

I wish RG the best of luck on his future endeavors and I hope he proves me wrong but, I believe he’s a useless NFL QB.  Great guy, very athletic, just not an NFL starting QB.  Not a great pocket passer and fact of the matter is, everyone in the league is fast.

Check out this article by deadspin….Things don’t look good….

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