Are you looking for a sock em, rock em robot type slug-fest? Well don’t watch the video above then because this one is the complete opposite. You should take a look though, due to the sheer hilarity of two grown men attempting their best to try and beat the other one up. I truly don’t even think it is fair to classify this as a fight, it seems more of a craigslist casual encounter more then anything. The two men who compete in the NASCAR Truck Series Spencer Gallagher and John Wes Townley were not too happy with each other after they were involved in a crash.


Lets break this video down from the start of the “melee.” Clearly, John was not happy with Spencer and when he got out of his truck, he made a B-line towards him and did his best to hit him with what appears to be a flying clothesline. That failed pretty miserably, but he manages to throw him to the ground. Spencer is then able to get up and tries his best to slam Townley, but cannot seem to overpower the “bulkier” Townley.

From there, Jon attempts the worst DDT I have probably seen in my life. Both guys look they are starting to tire out now, and even look as if it may be over and they’ll laugh about this over a few beers. That changed, when Townley with his arm wrapped around Gallagher’s head started to throw some “hellacious hay-makers” that landed square on the nose. After landing his best blows of the fight, Townley seemed content to end this battle with a dance that I can’t even explain. I mean you can see the rage in his eyes when they are finally separated, but that rage was nowhere to be seen throughout the 30 seconds of pure enjoyment everyone was witness too. Someone should have pulled a Bieber and had them hold back each other so they came out a looking a little more tough then when it was all said and done.


Between the Kimbo-Dada fight and the Justin Bieber Cleveland Cavs fan fight, this is till the number one contender for worst fight of the year and you know what, it isn’t even close. Congratulations not only did you lose the race, but you both lost your dignity in the process.