Let me start by saying that as of right now my two little boys are practicing their jump shot. The NBA has officially stepped into MLB contract territory and with the money that NBA teams are handing out, to All-Stars and bench players alike, I feel somewhat entitled to my piece, as the dad of a player that is. Even Mozgov just got $64 million from the Lakers and he barely played any playoff minutes for the Cavaliers. In the words of the great Future, “what a time, to be alive”, in the NBA that is.

So let’s get into the biggest news of the weekend; no, not the 240th birthday of our great nation, of course I speak of Kevin Durant’s epic break up with Russell Westbrook and his quick rebound with NBA MVP Steph Curry. Personally I think KD was fooling around with Steph the whole time. I mean they got together so quickly after he kicked Russell to the curb…but that’s none of my business.

All joking aside, the KD decision was a “whattttttt!” moment for every basketball fan all over the world. He did it by writing a great piece for ThePlayersTribune.com.

We thought it could happen but actually seeing it come to fruition was both shocking and exciting at the same time. At first glance this seems like a death sentence to the rest of the NBA. Might as well rest your good players this year boys, I mean what’s the point right?


Four All-NBA, All-Star performers isn’t always the slam dunk you’d expect it to be. Lest we forget the first “super” team (At least the first one of my generation), the 2003-04 LA Lakers. Shaq, Kobe, Malone, and GP. Seemed like a lock…until they ran into a less celebrated, “super” team in their own right, the Detroit Pistons, one of the best starting five’s in NBA history.

So, this new “super” team isn’t exactly a lock to go 82-0 in route to an NBA Championship. We must first see what kind of chemistry this combination of players presents. It was great before KD, so let’s see how egos mesh when Klay Thompson and Draymond Green are forced to defer to Durant at the games biggest moments. I truly believe that Durant is now the best player on the Warriors roster, despite Curry being a back to back MVP. Lets see how this works out. I also believe that KD will leave the Warriors after one season, especially if they win a championship. He needs to reunite with Westbrook in Los Angeles…they will be together again. As Jay-Z said, “they say if you love it, you should let it out it’s cage, and fuck it, if it comes back, you know it’s there to stay”.

If they go down in flames then Stephen A. Smith will finally be right about something…saying that the Durant move is, “the weakest move I’ve ever seen from a superstar”.

So how do we make the story of the 2016 NBA offseason better?, we throw in some LeBron and Wade…it’s only right.

According to NBA league sources, Dwayne Wade is in preliminary talks with the Cleveland Cavaliers. LeBron is apparently on his job, doing his GM thing, trying to get Wade over to Cleveland to form a “super” team of his own. LeBron, Wade, Kyrie, and Love sounds just as good as the Warriors squad.

lebron-wade-web Wade has been looking for a deal worth over $20 million a year but the Cavaliers who are already over the cap and are currently paying the leagues highest luxury tax would only be able to pay him a mid-level exception; something around $5-6 million per year. LeBron would have to take a pay cut to bring his buddy over to Cleveland, but why not, I’m sure that he already has more money than he knows what to do with.

However this shakes out, the upcoming NBA season should be an interesting one. We will presumably have another rematch of the NBA Finals…but how will the rosters look? All we can do is wait and see.