With one decision Kevin Durant has become the NBA’s villain of choice. LeBron held on to that title for quite a few years after his decision to go to Miami to play with his friend Dwayne Wade and capture that elusive ring. People criticized him to the fullest and some still do to this day. So when Durant chose to sign with the Warriors on a two year deal, he should have known what he was getting himself into. Joining a bitter rival, a team that you were one game away from sending them packing, is now the team you will play for the upcoming season. Here is how the rest of the NBA feels about Durant joining the rival Warriors and putting the league on notice.


A fun little 4th of July parody for you there in honor of America, please enjoy that one. Now back to Durant, obviously this is a move in an attempt to get his coveted first ring. Doesn’t take a brain surgeon to come to that conclusion, their lineup is stacked now. Nine years in the league and only one finals appearance with the Thunder, Durant felt it was time to move on, similar to LeBron in Cleveland. One problem with Durant is he set himself up for this criticism and it all started with a tweet six years ago. Twitter will get you every single time, when will these athletes learn.


Just like that, Durant has now become the biggest hypocrite in the NBA. Say what you want about LeBron, the decision flub and leaving his hometown, but he never called anyone out. Durant called him out six years ago and now look where he is at. All it took was 27 million dollars a year and a sales pitch from Kerr and Curry and Durant said see you later OKC. Thanks to the internet we have some amazing mash-up videos and you are about to see my favorite one of them all. This is exactly how every single Oklahoma City fan feels right now.


With his decision, Oklahoma City is now going to be in a decline. There is no chance Westbrook comes back after next year, as he will want to cash in the max contract and after this off-season apparently anyone can get paid. Timofy Mozgov got 16 million dollars a year, are you fucking kidding me? That is pure insanity and that is exactly what comes with an NBA off-season, but this year is a different type of one. Welcome to the dark side Kevin Durant, at this point you have nothing left, but to embrace it.