It is that wonderful time of the year! Free agency is almost upon us and it is going to be all about the Kevin Durant sweepstakes. As always there are reports that the Knicks will be involved in trying to sway Mr. Durant to the big apple. As of now, looking at the current roster on the team, that seems highly unlikely. First off, the Knicks need a point guard in their starting lineup not named Jose Calderon. Jerian Grant is still young and could use a few more years to develop his game before being the “it” guy. So where does that leave them for options? It is highly unlikely they can sign a point guard of high caliber and still be able to give Durant a max contract due to the cap space.

Their only option is to try and trade for a point guard, clear some space via the trade and pray to the lords that Durant is willing to listen to their pitch. Another big question is, how will Carmelo and Durant co-exist? They are known to be good friends off the court, but both players have a “do it all” type of attitude. We have seen in the past that Durant is a guy who likes to call the shots while on the court and Melo is the same type of player. It would be up to the newly hired Jeff Hornacek to try and come up with a game plan. These are all hypothetical theories and nobody really knows how it will play out till the season comes to an end. As it stands now, the Knicks have as much of a shot of signing Durant, as I do walking outside and spotting a unicorn. And no, I do not mean seeing Kristaps Porzingis.