Listen guys, I love Jose Reyes so much. He was my favorite player when I was a kid. He was electric. He could steal bags. He could hit triples. He could do play defense. He was fun. He had different handshakes with everyone before the game. He won a batting title! But his time is just over.

These two tweets say it all. Terry loved him. I fully believe he was the same guy off the field that he was on the field. He had a really, really ugly incident this offseason. I’m sure he regrets it. I’m also sure that it was wrong. But if he comes back and does a little something to help this team out, everybody will forget. That’s how these things work, unfortunately.

The Mets are not the kind of organization that would take him back. They do a lot of dumb shit, but that’s all in other ways. I’m leaning toward believing Jon Heyman’s report. But hey, 10 days from now things could be different. Right now, Jose Reyes won’t be a Met again.