Joey Votto is slowly becoming the next best villain in baseball. We live in a society where we look for any little reason to hate on somebody, mostly it comes to athletes. Baseballs most recent villain, Bryce Harper has been dethroned and we now have a new player poised to take that crown. That would be Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto.  He has been at it all season long, I first spotted it in a game in Philadelphia, where Votto caught a foul ball for the third out then proceeded to tease the fans that he would throw them a souvenir only to throw it back to the dugout. This past weekend, against the Washington Nationals, he tried to one-up himself and cement his status as baseball’s ultimate bad guy.


If that isn’t a guy embracing his “heel” role, then I don’t know what is. The look on his face after catching the ball, it just screams “fuck you, I did catch that” and you know what I can’t help but say, I loved every second of it. Votto looked like he was enjoying the moment very much as well. Just when you thought he was done, he showed he still has few more tricks up his sleeve to irritate the opposing fan base even more.


Staring into the crowd asking if anyone wants the ball, most fans seem eager for it and Votto just simply tosses it aside towards the ball girl saying I don’t have time for your fun, I am simply going to have my own fun at your expense. That is the equivalent to a mic drop, in front of all of the Nationals fans. Bryce Harper’s whole motto this season has been “Make Baseball Fun Again.” Well Votto took it to another level and he is indeed making baseball fun again.