Draymond Green is no stranger to the headlines, as he has become all but a usual suspect when seeing some of the most juicy ones. This is the case due not only to Greens antics and actions on the court, but unfortunately those that have also occurred off the hardwood.

Green is the player who infamously found himself near the groin regions of several different players during this past NBA post season. A few weeks ago, Green was the subject of quite a few headlines, and even a TMZ video. In a time where being a “TMZ” video isn’t necessarily the best thing, Green hasn’t exactly shied away from the public spotlight in recent weeks either. This past weekend, Green so called mistakenly posted a photo of his private area to his Snapchat account. Wow.

Dray 4

Well it isn’t all bad, as reports have started to circulate that an adult film director is vying for Green’s services. Reports say that this executive has offered Green 100 thousand dollars if he chooses to film an adult movie. The title is said to be “Drayzilla” and get this, that Green can even choose his own co-stars. Seems like a golden opportunity, maybe. Lets look at it this way, the world has already seen your privates, now get paid for it. Decisions…..Decisions.

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