As outlets began to report over the last day or so about Golden State forward Draymond Green’s arrested, we all began to talk. With the details of the case being unknown at first, it was later reported that he was arrested for “smacking” a heckling fan.

That was too easy, but it isn’t the only relevant video to this situation. Just like the details, new information itself is starting to trickle in about the situation as well. As the video is watermarked, via TMZ, here is the video of Draymond Green’s arrest:

To be honest, he has probably been wanting to unleash this fury on some wary fan for quite a while now, if for nothing else but to let everybody else in the world see how he would deal if he could, while also telling one in specific to “shut the hell up”. We here at TTT don’t condone violence,**DISCLAIMER**, but I am sure Draymond feel’s this one was worth the money it’ll cost em.

Two hundred dollars bond, a couple grand restitution, court costs and a settlement….maybe, a couple thousand from the league and it’s a wrap. Last thing, if the last week or two in the NBA tells us anything, it tells us that the big millions he got last time is chump change to what he’ll get in a few years if he continues his trajectory. We also don’t condone pocket watching, but how do they say, He Got It…….but so did the fan. SMACK!!