Draymond Green is a player known for his tenacious and aggressive style of playing the game of basketball. This is so much the case that it has practically carried him through his career and happens to be the hall mark of the baller’s rise to stardom.

In light of recent events however, it seems as though that aggressiveness and tenaciousness doesn’t simply stay on the basketball court when Green leaves. The previous notion comes as Mlive.com is reporting that Draymond Green was arrested on Sunday in Michigan for assault. Although it goes on to say that though the player isn’t named, that it is an NBA player, and that further details are unknown at this time. The report also states that Green as 10 days to return to Michigan for arraignment.

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This comes in the midst of Green being chosen and more than likely preparing for his upcoming stint with the U.S. National Team preparing for this upcoming Olympics. It is also an unfortunate turn of events for Green as things seemed to be back on the upward trajectory with the U.S. National Team and their prospects of retrieving gold. This is also especially the case after such a heartbreaking defeat at the hands of the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James, with the Warriors owning a 3-1 series lead before losing it all.

Who knows what actually happened? Someone does, but the majority of us do not yet. With that being the case, judgement can’t really be made, but it does make you wonder about some of the things Green has done in the past. More specifically, the nutbusting leg flails people, in case you forget. Those flails, nor this potential legal situation, make up the total amount of Green’s character, and this is no way to cast disparage or test judgement in any way. What will be tested in the coming weeks is Green’s mental fortitude, and the world will be watching with a magnifying glass as it plays out.