We have some series on Wednesday that will be wrapping up, meaning that we have a handful of early games so that teams can get on the road for their new series that start on Thursday or Friday. That also means that we have to set our lineups early if we want to get all of the games in, which start at about 1 p.m. Eastern. Here are the guys you should be targeting in the 15 MLB match-ups:


Brian McCann (NYY) $3,600

Brian McCann got the day off on Tuesday against the Angels, but figures to be back in the lineup for Wednesday as he goes against right handed Jered Weaver. McCann was solid in his last game as he looks to get the power going, even if his match-up against Weaver isn’t a great one (1-for-6 in his career). There aren’t too many catcher options with Buster Posey likely sitting, so McCann will have to do.

Total so far: $3,600

First Base

Adam Lind (SEA) $3,000

We’re going to stick with the cheap options here as we move to first base, and Adam Lind should make a fine addition to your fantasy lineup. Lind had a decent day on Tuesday, batting 2-for-4 against the Indians. Lind should be back in the grind as he takes on another righty, this time it’s Carlos Carrasco. Lind is 1-for-6 against Carrasco so far, but hasn’t struck out.

Total so far: $6,600

Second Base

Brian Dozier (MIN) $3,900

Outside of his poor performance on Sunday, Brian Dozier has been very solid this week. He was our play at second base yesterday, and he came through with 19 fantasy points thanks to a walk-off home run. Dozier gets the nod here again as he is projected to be the second highest scoring 2B, and he comes at a low cost.

Total so far: $10,500

Third Base

Eduardo Nunez (MIN) $4,200

There is another player on the Minnesota infield that has been even hotter than Dozier, and it’s Eduardo Nunez. Nunez has scored at least 22 fantasy points in his past three games, bringing his average up in the past five to nearly 19 points. Might as well keep playing the hot hand here, as he is projected to be the highest scoring third baseman while costing less than guys like Manny Machado who might not be in the lineup anyway.

Total so far: $14,700


Xander Bogaerts (BOS) $3,900

Xander Bogaerts had a fine day on Tuesday as he collected two base hits and knocked in three runs for 17 fantasy points (he also added a stolen base). Bogaerts is now batting .346 on the season, and will take on the Giants once again with Madison Bumgarner on the mound. Bogaerts’ price will be lower because of the match-up, but it shouldn’t be too much cause for concern.

Total so far: $18,600


Bryce Harper (WAS) $4,600

Bryce Harper has started to look a bit more like himself in the past couple of games, scoring 13 and 11 fantasy points. Harper will have a chance to keep his double-digit scoring streak alive against James Shields and the White Sox. Shields will be making his debut for the tam, and comes in with a 4.28 ERA on the season. They have only faced off three times, and Harper has one hit in those meetings.

Total so far: $23,200

Curtis Granderson (NYM) $3,100

After a strong start to the doubleheader on Tuesday against the Pirates, Curtis Granderson struggled in the night cap, collecting just two fantasy points. Granderson and the Mets are going to be a good bet for Wednesday as Jameson Taillon will make his debut for the Pirates in what is an odd week for their rotation. Taillon will be a good pitcher, but the batters usually have the advantage against someone who is shaky in their first start.

Total so far: $26,300

Yoenis Cespedes (NYM) $4,100

It’s the same story for Yoenis Cespedes as it is for Granderson. You have to like the veteran hitters going against a rookie in his first ever start. Cespedes has had a rough week, but this meeting is just what the doctor ordered.

Total so far: $30,400


Archie Bradley (ARI) $7,700

After a strong start against the Padres where he scored 30 fantasy points in a win, Archie Bradley was able to rack up 27 more in a loss to the supreme Cubs lineup. Now that he gets to take on the Rays, Bradley should have an even better day that hopefully results in another win. His past two starts have been great, and he’s still one of the cheaper starters going on Wednesday.

Total so far: $38,100

Madison Bumgarner (SF) $11,600

It’s a shame that you don’t get batting points for National League pitchers, or else Madison Bumgarner might cost $15,000. Bumgarner has been rock solid, scoring 40+ points twice in his last four starts with 19 and 30 point games sandwiched in between. The Red Sox aren’t the easiest opponent, but Bumgarner has shown that he is pretty much match-up proof.

Grand Total: $49,700