Jose Aldo beat Frankie Edgar via unanimous decision at UFC 200 to capture the interim UFC Featherweight title and set up a rematch with Conor McGregor. As you can see in the photo above, McGregor watched on and had the look of a madman. He knows exactly what this win meant and he already is seemingly trying to get into Aldo’s head. McGregor defeated Aldo in the first match-up by knockout in 13 seconds and then went on to fight “big money fights” as he would say. Well, he is now set up to have his biggest money fight to date. The McGregor-Aldo rematch is going to generate a lot of buzz and will be covered from the moment the fight and date is announced.


The reverse angle is just as chilling as the first one. All you can see is McGregor, it seems as if everything around him means nothing and the focus is squarely on him. UFC 200 was the biggest event the UFC has ever held, but it will not compare to the rematch between these two. McGregor is the UFC’s biggest star and he has a drawing power like no other. All I can say for now, lets get this rematch scheduled as soon as possible and give the fans a fight that is sure to have all kinds of fireworks.