If you are a fan of the Oklahoma City Thunder, you may have an idea of who Taylor Wilson. For those who aren’t, take a second to enjoy this story of a young man with a dream, one that he is still living to this day. Taylor became the equipment manager for the team shortly after they moved to OKC as part of an internship that would lead him to his eventual dream job. Now his title is Manager of team operations, and Wilson enjoys the lasting bond he has made with some of the Thunder’s superstars who he considers best friends for life. How good of friends is he with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, you ask? Good enough to help him plan out his proposal to his girlfriend and help him with the execution of it.

Wilson and Durant arrived nearly the same time in 2007 when Durant was drafted out of Texas, Nick Collison, a fourth-year player who took on the role of the elder statesmen of this young Thunder core and Westbrook followed a year later as the fourth pick and their bond would only start to grow from there. So many on-court and off-court memories and the only one that still stands out was when his best buds helped him ask for his longtime loves hand in marriage on March 14 of this year. Wilson knew he wanted to propose, but he still had not come up with a specific plan on how to do it.  That was until one night, while he was out to dinner and inquired about an idea. He told Durant of this idea that he would like to do a scavenger hunt and Durant immediately approved, as did Westbrook and Collison. They all wanted to do it together and help their friend, something I am sure Wilson will never forget.


His plan started to come to fruition and finally the time came to execute it. It involved six spots that his future fiance would need to stop at all having a specific meaning and memory and from there she would get a clue to the next stop. After receiving the first three clues, it was time for the Thunder buddies to step up.


First came Westbrook, who had a challenge for Felicia: she had to make two free throws and then she would receive the next clue. That would bring her to a bar where at Nick Collison’s Halloween party, the couple shared their first kiss. The finale came at the Gaylord Pickens Oklahoma Hall of Fame Museum, where Durant provided the final assist. It was magical moment that was shared together by best friends and one that the couple will never forget. That is a bond that can never be broken.

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