The excitement from Memorial Day weekend has finally died down as the calendar turns to the new month of June. The weather is really going to start heating up here soon, which likely means our yearly surge of offense in the summer months. As we begin June, there are 12 games that start after 6pm Eastern. Let’s take a look at the fantasy players that you should be using from those games.


Brian McCann (NYY) $3,200

Brian McCann didn’t get the start on Tuesday for the Yankees after a game on Monday where he scored 16 fantasy points. He did have a pinch hit appearance, though, and didn’t collect a hit. McCann should get the start on Wednesday and is projected to be the third highest scoring catcher of the day, while costing $1,500 less than Buster Posey who is just ahead of him.

Total so far: $3,200

First Base

Anthony Rizzo (CHC) $4,400

Anthony Rizzo is expected to be the second highest scoring first baseman of the day behind only Paul Goldschmidt, but Rizzo is a much cheaper option. He has had a bit of a drought when it comes to home runs, but he is certainly due to snap out of it. It’s not going to be easy against Mike Bolsinger (0-for-6 career), but it’s a good risk to take.

Total so far: $7,600

Second Base

Jurickson Profar (TEX) $3,200

Jurickson Profar had a huge game on Tuesday as he hit his first home run of the season and scored 19 fantasy points. Don’t expect his second one to come in consecutive days, but it’s encouraging to see him find his swing as he is batting 8-for-23 in the past five games. Profar is a cheap option that also happens to be scoring, making him almost a must-play.

Total so far: $10,800

Third Base

Nolan Arenado (COL) $4,500

It was a good day for you on Tuesday if you managed to sneak Nolan Arenado in your lineup as he finished with 36 fantasy points off of two home runs. Big boppers like Arenado tend to stay hot over the course of a few games when performing like that, so he’s a good pick for Wednesday as well. Not saying that he’s going to get another two homer game, but he should still be above value.

Total so far: $15,300


Corey Seager (LAD) $3,500

In the past four games, Corey Seager has one effort where he scored 0 fantasy points on an 0-for-4 night with three strikeouts. In the other three games, he has a combined 55 fantasy points. Seager’s three run homer gave him a ton of points on Tuesday night against the Cubs, so he should be feeling pretty good as he prepares to take on Jon Lester on Wednesday.

Total so far: $18,800


Franklin Gutierrez (SEA) $3,000

Here is a name that pops up a lot, but that’s because DraftKings doesn’t seem to want to raise his price. In the past five games, Gutierrez has sat out once and scored at least eight points in the rest, with 14+ coming in three of those games. Gutierrez will take on the lefty Christian Friedrich on Wednesday. They have only faced each other once, but Gutierrez did collect a hit.

Total so far: $21,800

George Springer (HOU) $4,500

George Springer is coming off of a 32 fantasy point game on Tuesday against Arizona, and he has also put up scores of 17 and 13 in the past four games (with a 1-for-7 game thrown in there too). Springer is batting .419 in the past seven days, and has already started 3-for-4 against Robbie Ray of the Diamondbacks. Expect Springer to have another solid night.

Total so far: $26,300

Mike Trout (LAA) $4,900

It seems like Mike Trout has finally found his swing toward the end of May as he finished the final five days of the month with an average of 16 fantasy points per game. Trout faces Michael Fulmer on Wednesday, a pitcher that he has not seen in his career, but Trout is too hot of a bat right now to keep on the bench.

Total so far: $31,200


Jon Lester (CHC) $9,900

After a -7 fantasy point game against the Giants on May 21st, Jon Lester rebounded with 25 fantasy points against the Phillies. On Wednesday, Lester will take on the Dodgers at Wrigley Field. Only a handful of Dodgers hitters have seen Lester more than just a few times, and he should be a nice safe choice for Wednesday as the Cubs try to get back on the winning track.

Total so far: $41,100

Chris Archer (TB) $8,300

Chris Archer was the pick in the lineup for his last start against the Yankees, and he came through with 26 fantasy points despite taking the loss thanks to eight innings with just one earned run. Archer will go against the Royals on Wednesday night, a team that he hasn’t had great success against, but should be fine for another high 20’s performance.

Grand Total: $49,400